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Kapitalismus / Ökonomie

Robert Reich
Why America Can’t Respond to the Current Crisis
17.3.2020 |
»The system would be failing even under a halfway competent president. The dirty little secret, which will soon become apparent to all, is that there is no real public health system in the United States.«

Judith Butler
Capitalism Has its Limits
19.3.2020 |
»Social and economic inequality will make sure that the virus discriminates.«

Mariana Mazzucato
The Covid-19 crisis is a chance to do capitalism differently
18.3.2020 |
»But we now have an opportunity to use this crisis as a way to understand how to do capitalism differently. This requires a rethink of what governments are for: rather than simply fixing market failures when they arise, they should move towards actively shaping and creating markets that deliver sustainable and inclusive growth.«

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