Corona-Leseliste | März

Geschichte / Einordnung

Adam Tooze
We’ve never been here before
25.3.2020 |
»In trying to gauge the coronavirus crisis, we are all struggling for historical reference points. Which is the historical example to choose? … Sometimes a useful thing for historians to do is to point out when something seems radically new. That is our situation today.«

Pankaj Mishra
Part I: Coronavirus Foreshadow’s Bigger Disruptions in Future
16.3.2020 |
The Covid-19 pandemic reflects a systemic crisis akin to the seminal crashes of the 20th century.

Part II: Coronavirus Will Revive an All-Powerful State
16./17.3.2020 |
Much maligned in recent years, big government will come back—and with it, the potential for both greater good and evil.

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