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Kurt M. Campbell and Rush Doshi
The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order
18.3.2020 |
»Today, U.S. policymakers should recognize that if the United States does not rise to meet the moment, the coronavirus pandemic could mark another ›Suez moment.‹«

Henry Farrell and Abraham Newman
Will the Coronavirus End Globalization as We Know It?
16.3.2020 |

Simon Tisdall
Power, equality, nationalism: how the pandemic will reshape the world
28.3.2020 |
»The global impact of the coronavirus pandemic poses a fundamental question: is this one of those historic moments when the world changes permanently, when the balance of political and economic power shifts decisively, and when, for most people, in most countries, life is never quite the same again? Put more simply, is this the end of the world as we know it? And, equally, could the crisis mark a new beginning?«

Analysis: How the World Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic
20.3.2020 |
The pandemic will change the world forever. We asked 12 leading global thinkers for their predictions

Robert D. Kaplan
Coronavirus Ushers in the Globalization We Were Afraid Of
20.3.2020 |
Welcome to a new age of decreasing free trade and global cooperation, and rising nationalism and geopolitical rivalry

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